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We provide exceptional care with lots of love for your four-legged family members. All of our services are personalized to meet your individual needs.

Dog Walking

Debbie's Dog Days makes sure that your pet comes home happy and worn out.  We offer morning and afternoon romps at Point Isabel Park.  Walks don't start until we get to the park so be prepared for your pet to be gone for 1.5 hours or more each walk ensuring that they are at play for at least an hour.  Our walks can be on leash or off leash, playing ball or running around with other furry friends.  Whatever your choice and your pets choice is, we are happy to accommodate making their trip a happy experience for all.

Day Care

You can rest assured when you bring your dog to Debbie's Dog Days for day care services while you're at work or away. Constantly supervised by our professionals, your dogs will enjoy scheduled exercise activities, a balanced meal and lots and lots of affection. Day Care includes a dog walk at Point Isabel as described above. Dogs Dogs picked up after 6:00 will be billed at the Boarding rate.


Boarding Service

Your pet deserves a vacation while you're on vacation.  Boarding at Debbie's Dog Days is in her home, yup, we said home, not a kennel and not a cage.  Your furry friends are in a loving home and taken care of with ongoing love and attention in a safe, comfortable home setting.  You can also make arrangements to come visit my home, ( with your pet/pet's) prior to the stay, that way you'll know exactly what your pet can expect and they get a chance to get familiar with their surroundings.  All you need to do is drop off you pet/pet's with all their food, sacks and bedding.  But if you are too crazy getting ready for your vacation Debbie also offers pet taxi services. Boarding stays include a daily walk at Point Isabel as described above.




We are not responsible for any dogs that refuse to leave.

More information on our boarding services.


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Debbie's Dog Days is located in Pinole and services all surronding areas from Hercules to Berkeley.

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We fit your needs - Walks, day care and overnight visits. 


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